Firma Joakim Dalby is an one-man company foun­ded in 1990, an IT consulting and training company ba­sed in Gentofte ne­ar Copenhagen, Denmark.

I am a consultant, an interim, a contractor, a fixed-term contractor or a freelancer.


­Joakim Dalby mission is to develop database-sy­stems for customers based on the relational database model and training users in using of database-ap­pli­ca­tions like Microsoft Access and SQL Server and learn users a method to design a database on their own data and in­for­ma­tions.


Joakim Dalby is specialize in development of Business Intel­li­gen­ce, Data warehouse, Data mart, ETL pro­ces­ses for handling and enrich data and OLAP cubes with di­men­sions, facts and mea­sures.


Joakim Dalby is working with agility and flexibility in the rhythm of the business.


Click here for reading about Dimensional modeling


and about Access 2013 Access Data Project ADP+


and about SQL Server 2014


and about SQL Server Integration Services SSIS


XML is a natural way of com­mu­nicate data between sy­stems and the datastructure look-a-like one-to-many relationships in a relational database. Micro­soft SQL Server makes it easy to build the XML structure and export it to other systems or to receive a XML document and store the data in a relational database. And using the XSLT program language to convert a XML document to a HTML is a wonderful way to divide data and presentation.


Joakim Dalby programs in languages of C++, C#, Pascal, ASP, Visual Basic, Java, JavaScripts and of course in Microsoft Access VBA and SQL Server stored procedure t-sql, Integrated Services and ActiveX i C# plus Report Ser­vi­ces and Analysis Services for OLAP cubes.


For a database-application Joakim Dalby recommend Microsoft Access at front-end, and for large data a Microsoft SQL Server at the back-end database as a client-server model, because Access is a very powerful design tool for making forms and reports and calling stored procedures at the server. Over Internet Microsoft Access can run through Windows Terminal Server or Citrix, which give a large Access database new life and fast speed, because only screens of data are send over the network like a mainframe model.


Some customers of Firma Joakim Dalby:

·      APV A/S

·      Audiophil

·      Basisbank (market leading in e-banking)

·      Billetkontoret (flyticket office)

·      BRS Software Products

·      Central Bank of Denmark (National Bank)

·      Certified Public Accountant

·      Copenhagen Municipal government, Local authority

·      Danish Confederation of Professional Associations

·      Danish Forest and Nature Agency

·      Danish Forest Owner Cooperatives

·      Danish Immigration Service

·      Danish Shipowners’ Accident Insurance Association

·      Dansk Bilferie (car holiday with mobilhome)

·      Danske Bank (market leading in banking)

·      DONG Energy (market leading in wind power)

·      DSB S-tog (train of Copenhagen city)

·      EDC-Gruppen (market leading in real estate)

·      Hartvig Consult Aps (sewer renovation)

·      Health Data Protection Agency

·      Hvidovre hospital

·      KMD (market leading in e-government)

·      Kommunernes legeteker (municipality for disabled)

·      Lundbeck (market leading in medicine)

·      Novo Nordisk (market leading in medicine)

·      Organon

·      Post Denmark

·      Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University

·      Saab Danmark

·      Samfundslitteratur

·      Sander & Co

·      Søopmålingen Holmen (danish military at sea)

·      TDC (danish biggest telephone company)

·      TNS Gallup (market leading in analysis)

·      Unity Technologies (game engine editor)



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Curriculum Vitae of Joakim Dalby


·     Born at February 7, 1966 in Denmark.


·     Master in computer science from Co­pen­hagen University, 1992.

·     Diploma program in organization from Co­pen­ha­gen Business School, 1991.

·     Instructor courses at Niels Brock.


·     IT-manager in TNS/Gallup Denmark, 1996-2001.

·     IT-teacher at Niels Brock/Copenhagen Bu­si­ness Col­le­ge at evening courses for education »Advanced Computer Stu­dies« in subjects like database, pro­gram­ming and system de­ve­lop­ment, since 1992.

·     Instructor at different user courses since 1989.


Joakim Dalby as an author


·     Database-Handbook for design a data­base. Description in details Entity-Rela­tion­ship model and normalization to fifth normal form including methods and a lots of examples and exercises.

·     Two books about Microsoft Access.

·     Three books about Borland Paradox for Dos and Windows and programming i PAL.

·     A book about DataEase.


·     Written several articles about different IT su­bjecs in magazines like ComputerWorld in Denmark.


Two front pages of the books, all from the publis­cher Samfundslitteratur in Denmark:




Real contexts provides data to be

presented for making decision

·   Anaysis real contexts in your business.

·   Design a datamodel for development of database and datawarehouse.

·   Implement a data mart, maybe an OLAP cube and use a tool like Excel, Targit or Tableau to do presentations of data where users can change filters and do drill down on their iPad at a meeting.