Firma Joakim Dalby is a sole trader company foun­ded in 1990 for IT consulting and training ba­sed in Gentofte ne­ar Copenhagen, Denmark.

I am a consultant, an interim, a contractor, a fixed-term contractor or a freelancer in my own consulting firm.


­Joakim Dalby mission is to develop database-sy­stems for customers based on the relational database model and training users in using of database-ap­pli­ca­tions like Microsoft Access and SQL Server and learn users a method to design a database on their own data and in­for­ma­tions.


Joakim Dalby is specialized in development of Business Intel­li­gen­ce, Data warehouse, Data mart, ETL pro­ces­ses for handling and enrich data, OLAP cubes/tabular with dimen­sions, facts and mea­sures or advanced reports.


Joakim Dalby is working with agility and flexibility in sprint and the rhythm of the business.


Click here for reading about Dimensional modeling


and about Access 2013 Access Data Project ADP+


and about SQL Server 2014


and about SQL Server Integration Services SSIS


XML is a natural way of com­mu­nicate data between sy­stems and the datastructure look-a-like one-to-many relationships in a relational database. Micro­soft SQL Server makes it easy to build the XML structure and export it to other systems or to receive a XML document and store the data in a relational database. And using the XSLT program language to convert a XML document to a HTML is a wonderful way to divide data and presentation.


Joakim Dalby programs in languages of C++, C#, Pascal, ASP, Visual Basic, Java, JavaScripts and of course in Microsoft Access VBA and SQL Server stored procedure t-sql, Integrated Services and ActiveX i C# plus Report Ser­vi­ces and Analysis Services for OLAP cubes.


For a database-application Joakim Dalby recommend Microsoft Access at front-end, and for large data a Microsoft SQL Server at the back-end database as a client-server model, because Access is a very powerful design tool for making forms and reports and calling stored procedures at the server. Over Internet Microsoft Access can run through Windows Terminal Server or Citrix, which give a large Access database new life and fast speed, because only screens of data are send over the network like a mainframe model.


Some customers of Firma Joakim Dalby:

·      APV A/S

·      Audiophil

·      Bankdata (market leading in banking)

·      Basisbank (market leading in e-banking)

·      Billetkontoret (flyticket office)

·      BRS Software Products

·      Capital Region of Denmark

·      Central Bank of Denmark

·      Certified Public Accountant

·      Copenhagen Municipality, local authority

·      Danish Confederation of Professional Associations

·      Danish Financial Supervisory Authority

·      Danish Forest and Nature Agency

·      Danish Forest Owner Cooperatives

·      Danish Immigration Service

·      Danish Shipowners’ Accident Insurance Association

·      Dansk Bilferie (car holiday with mobilhome)

·      Danske Bank (market leading in banking)

·      Danske Spil (market leading in tips, lotto, oddset)

·      DONG Energy (market leading in wind power)

·      DSB S-tog (train of Copenhagen city)

·      EDC-Gruppen (market leading in real estate)

·      Fertility clinic

·      Hartvig Consult Aps (sewer renovation)

·      Health Data Protection Agency

·      Hvidovre hospital

·      KMD (market leading in e-government)

·      Kommunernes legeteker (municipality for disabled)

·      Lundbeck (market leading in medicine)

·      Novo Nordisk (market leading in medicine)

·      Organon

·      Post Denmark

·      Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University

·      Saab Danmark

·      Samfundslitteratur

·      Sander & Co

·      Santander Consumer Bank

·      Søopmålingen Holmen (danish military at sea)

·      TDC (danish biggest telephone company)

·      TNS Gallup (market leading in analysis)

·      The Capital Region of Denmark

·      Unity Technologies (game engine editor)



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Curriculum Vitae of Joakim Dalby


·     Born at February 7, 1966 in Denmark.


·     Master in computer science from Co­pen­hagen University, 1992.

·     Diploma program in organization from Co­pen­ha­gen Business School, 1991.

·     Instructor courses at Niels Brock.


·     IT-manager in TNS/Gallup Denmark, 1996-2001.

·     IT-teacher at Niels Brock/Copenhagen Bu­si­ness Col­le­ge at evening courses for education »Advanced Computer Stu­dies« in subjects like database, pro­gram­ming and system de­ve­lop­ment, since 1992.

·     Instructor at different user courses since 1989.


Joakim Dalby as an author


·     Database-Handbook for design a data­base. Description in details Entity-Rela­tion­ship model and normalization to fifth normal form including methods and a lots of examples and exercises.

·     Two books about Microsoft Access.

·     Three books about Borland Paradox for Dos and Windows and programming i PAL.

·     A book about DataEase.


·     Written several articles about different IT su­bjecs in magazines like ComputerWorld in Denmark.


Two front pages of the books, all from the publis­cher Samfundslitteratur in Denmark:




Real contexts provides data to be

presented for making decision

·   Anaysis real contexts in your business.

·   Design a datamodel for development of database and datawarehouse.

·   Implement a data mart, maybe an OLAP cube and use a tool like Excel, Targit or Tableau to do presentations of data where users can change filters and do drill down on their iPad at a meeting.